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Menorah by Lior Gluska

Menorah by Lior Gluska
Menorah by Lior Gluska
Product Description
Lior Gluska is an Israeli born artist, goldsmith & Judaica Designer. All of her products are made in Israel.

Lior draws her inspiration from seemingly opposite sources: Ancient Mediterranean style and contemporary art. She uses a variety of metals and several casting techniques, and combines simple materials with elaborate and expansive materials to decorate her pieces. Lior art pieces explode with colors; intricate enamel designs with multiple colored beads and crystal beads are her signature.

The peacock and the palm tree are symbols that appeared and have been in use by Judaism since ancient times. The peacock is a symbol for splendor and magnificence and the palm tree is a symbol for abundance and righteousness (“The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree”). These two elements can be found in mosaic floors and decorations in ancient synagogues in Israel and around the Middle East.

~ Menorah measures 9 7/8” W x 9 1/4”H x 3”D.

~ This Menorah is cast in aluminum and zinc alloy, it is silverplated and oxidized. The peacock and palm tree are gold plated and decorated with enamel and crystal beads.

Item #:LGCH14
Reg. Price:$198.00
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