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Mosaica Byzantine Cross

Mosaica Byzantine Cross
Mosaica Byzantine Cross
Product Description
The Mosaica Collection debuted for Spring 2000. It is based on Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Byzantine mosaics which inlaid thousands of tesserae, or small glass tiles of different colors, to create rich and astonishingly life-like pictures that adorned their palaces and sacred places. To affect the inlay of a myriad of tiny pieces, Angie Olami inlays the tiniest of real gemstones, seed pearls, and glass beads. To evoke the play of light and pattern, tiny pieces of ancient roman glass fragments have been ground up, mixed with resin, and inlaid in chunks, so that the pieces will refract light off of each other. Truly a departure from her earlier work, Olami adds Murano and Czechoslovakian glass beads to compliment the Roman Glass that has come to be a signature of her designs. The richness of texture and color recalls the opulence of Byzantine fabrics and the floor mosaics from Roman Villas.

This cross from the Mosaica collection is inlaid with a shard of Roman, baby pearls, tiny amethyst beads and Murano glass in the center. The pendant hangs on a strand of tiny teal crystal beads.

The breathtaking shards of glass Angie Olami uses in her jewelry date from 100 BCE to 300 CE. They were unearthed in Israel by archaeologists sifting through the fallen pillars and once magnificent cities of the Roman Empire.

~ Pendant measures 1 1/8W x 1 3/4L. Necklace is 16 3/4 long.

~ Pendant is made of sterling silver and inlaid with Roman Glass, pearls, amethyst and Murano glass. Necklace is of tiny crystal beads.

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