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Pewter Kentucky Julep Cup with Mare & Foal Medallion

Pewter Kentucky Julep Cup with Mare & Foal Medallion
Pewter Kentucky Julep Cup with Mare & Foal Medallion
Product Description
The new American classics – hand crafted in Maryland! Pride in workmanship is the hallmark of Salisbury Pewter. Skilled crafts people who take personal pride in every item is what makes Salisbury Pewter’s handiwork truly heirloom quality.

This Kentucky Julep Cup is decorated with a Mare & Foal medallion.

~ Cup is 3”dia. and 3.5”tall, holds 9 oz.


Of all the beautiful designs of the American Cups and Beakers, none is more clearly indigenous to a certain area than the Kentucky Cup.

The straight body lines and graceful moldings at the base and rim are typical of this beautiful design made popular by such early craftsmen as Asa Blanchard of Lexington and William and Archibald Cooper of Louisville.

Originally executed in silver, Salisbury is very proud to offer this faithful recreation of the cups that have become prized heirlooms throughout Kentucky.

For over 100 years Kentuckians have given, received and used their exquisite cup at events such as Christening, weddings, fairs and of course, the races.

CARING FOR PEWTER: With little attention, the beauty of your pewter will last for generations, eventually gaining a soft, rich patina typical of the finest antiques.

Please follow these few suggestions:

~ After using, wash your pewter by hand (never in a dishwasher) in warm, soapy water, drying it with a soft towel.

~ Should your pewter ever need polishing, there are several good products available.

~ When storing your pewter, always wrap it in the original wrapping foam to avoid scratching.

~ Never wrap pewter in tissue paper as fine line scratching will occur.

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