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Pewtarex - Yorktowne Shallow Bowl

Pewtarex - Yorktowne Shallow Bowl
Pewtarex - Yorktowne Shallow Bowl
Product Description

~ Shallow bowl measures 9"Diam. holds 8 oz. Matte Finish.

~ Each piece of Pewtarex is individually sand cast and bears subtle surface markings that give it a character uniquely its own.

~ Pewtarex is a non-toxic alloy that is safe to cook in, to serve food in, and to eat or drink from. It helps to keep hot food hot longer and cold food and drinks cold.

~ CARE - Pewtarex pieces should be hand washed in mild soap and warm water. Repeated exposure to harsh detergents or automatic dishwashing are not recommended, as they will cause eventual discoloring and lose of the soft patina of Pewtarex. If stains appear, use any fine Pewter polish to remove them. Cutting food on Pewtarex plates will leave tiny scratches; many owners feel this contributes to the distinctiveness of the material.

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